Hash CAMRA 2017

What are we (more info)

The Hash House Harriers (HHH or H3) is a fairly informal international group of non-competitive social running clubs. An event organized by a club is known as a hash, hash run or simply hashing, with participants calling themselves hashers. Berkshire Hash House Harriers (BH3) run from a different Berkshire pub each week. BH3 has been hashing for more than forty years and have laid and run more than 2100 trails.

During the winter we start on Sunday mornings at 11am. In the summer months (from April to August) we start at 7:30 pm on Monday evenings. The length of the hash trails can vary, but generally there are several options with each trail -  a short running trail of around 4 or 5 miles for runners - a longer running trail of 5 to 6 miles (or more) for more enthusiastic runners. There is also a walkers trail of around 3 or 4 miles.

Hash trails are laid in blobs of flour and end up back at the pub they started from. There will be "checks" where the trail can go in any direction and the "pack" have to find the way.  This means that the faster runners have to look for the correct trail giving those behind a chance to catch up. All our trails are multi-terrain through the beautiful countryside in and around Berkshire.
Dogs and children are very welcome. A listing of our next few runs is available.

Hashing is not competitive! We hash for fun.

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